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Confused mourners at a funeral

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The 1970s Movie That Explains 2020s America
Chinatown, released 50 years ago today, shone a bleak light on the machinations of money and power—a theme that still animates U.S. politics.
30 years later, FreeDOS is still keeping the dream of the command prompt alive
Project’s creator talks to Ars about where FreeDOS has been, where it’s going.
Diorama of Love
Love is wherever love is felt, and with love being a complete statement, well, that’s enough.

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doorbell that makes full throated puking noises

Dan Cerinthedark ( 2024-02-20T02:04:05.617Z

Forbidden Gatorade

Jason, ex Inferis ( 2024-06-23T01:08:10.552Z

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To the next planet 🪐

♬ original sound - 𝐾𝑎𝑡𝑒 🐿️☎️

Replying to @Charchar5 #regulate #warreng #natedogg #wevibin #papaandgrama #married45years #lovegrama #gramacarolyn

♬ Regulate - Warren G

The “Master of speed” @XMartial (Martial Arts Apparel) 10% off code: MCDOJO10 #karate #martialarts #mma #McDojo #McDojoLife

♬ original sound - McDojoLife

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Prompt: Plaid Doritos
Prompt: Plaid Doritos

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