Like Dental Floss

A magician pulling tons of dental floss from his pants

Once again it's Sunday morning, so it's time to open up Kyle's Junk Drawer!

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The Time I Got A Magnet In My Finger
I did Gonzo Journalism and all I got was this stupid magnet (which now has to come out)
‘The Show Is Built to Make People Feel Insane’
A season-two post-immortem with Interview With the Vampire showrunner Rolin Jones.
I Was Diagnosed With Autism in My 40s. It Gave Me a Lot of Answers.
By 43, Mary HK Choi had come up with many explanations for her strangeness around other people. Was it something else all along?

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It’s so cool that cities are like “pweeease only turn your AC on if you’re actively dying and don’t go below 79 🥺🤘🏻💗” while the AI nobody asked for is slurping up the power grid to make 1 image of a girl with 5 tits

Lauren ( 2024-06-22T21:58:58.303Z

the heat is melting the microplastics in my urine and it's coming out like dental floss and i've been pulling it out for five minutes like a magician's handkerchief trick

Sen. Gogurt taking notes on a criminal conspiracy ( 2024-06-26T22:34:20.458Z

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Shannon Rose can do things with a jump rope that can only mean one thing: talent! #jumprope #jumpingrope #skipping #skippingrope #exercisefitness #happy #publicaccess

♬ original sound - Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers - Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers

Follow your heart and the universe will provide🙏

♬ The Lord works in mysterious ways - Courtney Danger

it boy

♬ it boy - bbno$

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Prompt: Wolverine as a frazzled 1950s-era housewife
Prompt: Wolverine as a frazzled 1950s-era housewife

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