One Last Bazinga

Someone being lowered into a vat of molten steel

Once again it's Sunday morning, so it's time to open up Kyle's Junk Drawer!

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1994 Was the Last Good Year—and It’s Still Going
1994 was the last year before our culture began migrating to the internet. If you were alive then, you may remember how you heard about Kurt Cobain’s death, or where you watched “Pulp Fiction.” What were your cultural touchstones that year? Tell us in the comments below.
Escape From Noma — The Amateur Gourmet
This is not the post that I thought I was going to write about Noma , the massively influential Copenhagen restaurant that’s been declared “The Best Restaurant in the World” five different times. In fact, I didn’t even think I’d ever get to eat at Noma, especially when they recently announced that
Trans day of vulnerability — Jessica Kant
I write this at 4am on March 31st, what is internationally known as Trans Day of Visibility. It is 12 hours after I emerged from my second gender-affirming surgery. Like a lot of people, my impulse to accelerate transition goals has escalated over the past year as a growing unease fills my body e

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Xavier (
Getting real tired of my behavior at the Golden Corral being described as “eldritch” on my town’s facebook page.
Kindness is as kindness does (
Sure sex is great, but have you ever said no to a customer?
dozen supreme (
we must imagine sisyphus liking, sharing and subscribing
dan mentos (
[on deathbed, surrounded by family] my only regret is not spending more time *takes granddaughter’s hand* online
Patrick Monahan (
Young Sheldon offering one last “Bazinga” as he’s lowered into a vat of molten steel

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McDonald's Grandma McFlurry #mcdonalds #mcflurry #grandmamcflurry #mcdonaldsgrandmamcflurry

♬ original sound - Kyle Ford

Comment your fav! #babynames

♬ original sound - jamie

singing from musical song dear even stephens

♬ original sound - Peter Rugman

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Prompt: Andy Dick as The Little Mermaid
Prompt: Andy Dick as The Little Mermaid

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