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Once again it's Sunday morning, so it's time to open up Kyle's Junk Drawer!

🗞️ Reading Recs

What Phones Are Doing to Reading
It’s becoming harder, or at least less common, to read the old-fashioned way. But the new ways of reading are not all bad.
The Lies the Church Tells Women About Male Leadership
Keeping the women in line requires a thorough indoctrination
Ten Years Later, ‘Monument Valley’ Is a Monument to Mobile Gaming’s Bygone Era
In 2014, ustwo’s wistful puzzle game was a smash hit at launch, the flag bearer for gaming on iOS, and a guiding light for a cohort of similarly artful mobile titles. Now, free-to-play titles reign supreme, and the dream of premium mobile gaming is a distant memory.

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🦣 Fediverse Finds

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Rod Hilton (@rodhilton@mastodon.social)
Please tell me I’m not the only person who pronounces “GenAI” the way Forrest Gump says “Jenny”
Oliphant (@oliphant@oliphant.social)
@Alice@beige.party This is not the greatest car in the world, no… Just a Mazda Tribute.
Dark Satanic Mills (@boskod.bsky.social)
CHOAM Nomsky 💭 (@thielman.bsky.social)
Hi I’m Mr Beast and I’ve poisoned the Gotham City reservoir
bobby (@bobbylewis.bsky.social)
acab includes the little piece of paper towel that doesn’t neatly tear at the perforation

🙃 TikTok Treasures


#stitch with @Brandingo #women #womenshealth #mentrualcycle #tampons #kotex #fyp #girls #girlsgirl #dinosaurs

♬ original sound - Doulikebread_

if mcconaughey played Voldemort #harrypotter #impressions #matthewmcconaughey #voldemort

♬ original sound - Conajam

COOOOLCOOLCOOLCOOLCOOL #embarassing #storytime #newgirl #officegirl #newjob #lifestyle #afternoonvibes #foryoupage

♬ original sound - Alison - Hill Staffer

🤖 ARTificial Antics

Prompt: Ray Romano fighting a group of 10 raccoons in a boxing ring
Prompt: Ray Romano fighting a group of 10 raccoons in a boxing ring

🏁 Closing Clips

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