Jesus is Mad

Angry Jesus in a parking lot

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The Titan Submersible Disaster Shocked the World. The Inside Story Is More Disturbing Than Anyone Imagined
A year after OceanGate’s sub imploded, thousands of leaked documents and interviews with ex-employees reveal how the company’s CEO cut corners, ignored warnings, and lied in his fatal quest to reach the Titanic.
Lauren Southern Discovers REAL Reason Feminists Keep Trying To Destroy The Family! (No, But She Really Does.)
No, we’re not happy to be right.
Why Jesus Would Get Kicked Out of the Church
Ain’t no way Jesus would last in your congregation

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N. Gates, J. T. G. (
Apparently my wife thinks the Mr DNA voice is “annoying”
Chris Fletch :pentagram: (
Attached: 1 image You’ve done it now. Jesus is mad and wants to fight
Sk8Cat :transgender: 🏁 (
Attached: 1 image lego david lynch dune is real whooknu #dune #lego #memes
tom mckay (
future archeologists be like “we believe this is the only surviving photo of Austin Powers”
Pessimus Prime (
I talk a strong game for someone who gets taken down by flowers for 3 months of the year

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Amirite #fyp #misheardlyrics

♬ This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan

I ain’t tellin you no lies #genx #millennial #xennial #bluestraveler #WeRockTogether

♬ original sound - Nick Harrison

Hershey's White Candy Bar with Popping Candy

♬ Fire the Cannons (1812 Overture) - Jochen Flach & Peter Ilych Tchaikvsky & Thomas Hewitt Jones

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Prompt: Pippi Longstocking as an angry prosecuting attorney
Prompt: Pippi Longstocking as an angry prosecuting attorney

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