I Said I Was Shrek

"Shrek" holding a resume

Once again it's Sunday morning, so it's time to open up Kyle's Junk Drawer!

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The Chinese women turning to ChatGPT for AI boyfriends
A jailbreak version of ChatGPT is becoming popular with women who prefer it to real world dating.
Can Democracy And Evangelical Christianity Co-Exist?
I used to think the answer was yes.
Sex and the College Girl
“I think that the charge that men have become emasculated by the competence of women is both depressing and untrue.”

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Josh Fireland (@fireland@mastodon.social)
I never learned any cool Zippo tricks but I can now karate chop open a Hi-Chew, which is just as good in the impressing-the-ladies department (i.e., not good).
sjw princess :anarchyblob: (@MnemosyneSinger@kolektiva.social)
Attached: 1 image If you put your finger over Paul Simon’s face it looks like Art Garfunkel has a badass mustache
Carmen Sandiego (@carmensandiego@botsin.space)
Jason, ex Inferis (@benedictsred.bsky.social)
Stork: I have a baby. Pigeon: I have the mail. Canary: I have bad news.
Viktor Winetrout (@viktorwinetrout.bsky.social)
Got fired for lying on my résumé (I said I was Shrek)

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Gettin reeeeeeaaaal sick of your games world #fyp #foryoupage #satire #weirdhumor #millenial #corporatelife #workhumor

♬ original sound - double quadrillionaire

Mason is my teddy bear @Mason the Morkie #fyp #xybca #jellycat #jellycattrend #dogsoftiktok

♬ dancing baby djungelskog - dan (moonys version)

mom came to dinner with the hacks#mom #dinner #foryoupage #hack #silly #viral

♬ original sound - skylaaaaa

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Prompt: Godzilla and King Kong in business suits, shaking hands
Prompt: Godzilla and King Kong in business suits, shaking hands

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