The Bones of Those Who Came Before

The skeleton of Charlie B

Once again it's Sunday morning, so it's time to open up Kyle's Junk Drawer!

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Los Angeles For Dummies
When friends visit from out of town, they’ll often ask me to show them the real Los Angeles. I’ll start by taking them north on the 5…
People are trying to limit their screen time. Not me — I love staring at my iPhone, and it feels great.
I’m a mom who loves her phone. I wish I could stare at it more; not less. That’s why the AI Pin is useless to me. It could never replace my iPhone.
The Forgotten War on Beepers
30 years before parents and lawmakers sought to save youth from smartphones via age limits and bans in schools, a similar conversation took place about a pre-cursor to the cellphone: pagers Through the 1980s pagers became increasingly popular with teens, and also:

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Xavier (
The World Is Built On The Bones Of Those Who Came Before, Charlie Brown.
dugglebutt (
He Goggins. She Goggins. Walton Goggins.
Ray (
Just got a Kia Sportage, which I’m sure is a fine vehicle, but it sounds like a word Pauly Shore would use while inviting you to play kickball.
Jason, ex Inferis (
“Worst she can say is ‘no’.” Bro, she said I look like someone was trying to draw Jesse Plemons from memory.
J. Michael Mull (
met a baby this morning named Derrick, so I’m gonna go lay down

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and what she does for work ill never actually know of course #womenownedbusiness #girlboss #comedyskit #jokes

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If you recevied an invitation, no you didnt. 🫣

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Sour Patch Kids Oreos #sourpatchkids #sourpatchkidsoreos #oreos

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The Noid delivering a baby
The Noid delivering a baby

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