Who Even Are You?

I’m Kyle. 👋

What Is This Newsletter About?

I generally share posts from House of Kyle (my blog), along with links, tweets and videos about (for the most part) technology, entertainment, politics, '80s/'90s nostalgia and American evangelical heartbreak. If any of these things are your jam, I’d love to have you as a reader! 💌

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The Sunday issue is free every week, but you’ll need to become a paid subscriber to also get in on those sweet, sweet Wednesday and Friday “Weekend Watches” issues (I’ve heard that doing this will also make you more respected by your friends and more feared by your enemies). 🤷‍♂️

What Else?

That’s it! Follow me on Twitter if you (against all odds) just can’t get enough. Oh, and shoutout to Freepik for use of the icon.