🌆 Under a Blood Red Sky

The extensive team behind House of Kyle doesn't trust a man who makes toys in a land where children are forbidden.

👀 COVID Headphones

When there’s a global pandemic going on and you live with a high school teacher, three teens, a dog, two guinea pigs and far too many birds, things can get loud.

Given that reality (and as a little break from my typically grim top newsletter post), this week I thought I’d offer a look into the headphones that are keeping me sane(ish)…

Sony MDR-7506: Absolute legends, and far and away the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever used. The only drawback is the ridiculous cord, but then again, this means that they don’t need to be charged. I use these throughout the workday for video calls and music.

Apple AirPods 2: I got these when I used my first-gen AirPods until the wheels came off (and I’ll move to the Pro model/whatever comes next once these go the same way). I’ve always been a big fan, but I do get semi-annoyed at the sometimes-spotty pairing (usually on just one side). I use these when I (shudder) go outside or while doing dishes/random stuff. Generally mostly for podcasts.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20: These are my go-to headphones for general use, and I’m honestly shocked by how good they are for the price. They’re pretty comfortable, they’re wireless (with very solid pairing) and the noise-cancelling is fantastic. I use them for watching shows while my wife is asleep, when meditating or for listening to music (doing so on them now as I write this, and I can barely even hear the Zoom call happening in the same room).

Mpow Flame Waterproof Wireless: When you’re stuck in the house and every day is a repetitive blur, taking a shower is a welcome treat. You know what raises the bar even more? SHOWER. HEADPHONES. You can thank me later, folks. To be clear, these are not “good” headphones, but they get the job done, especially for podcasts. Treat yourself.

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