Soros-Funded 5G Towers

The extensive team behind House of Kyle likes the smell of their hair treatment; the pleasin' odor is half the point.

'Rona Recs

During happier times, I did a few "what's in my bag?"-style product recommendation posts, so I figured I'd continue the tradition, this time with an "items or services that I've found helpful during the age of Corona" focus… More→

A Little Bird Told Me

Dive a Little Deeper

Calling Me a Hero Only Makes You Feel Better

We’re All Early Adopters Now

Experiencing a Pandemic in an Alt-Right Town

All You Have to Do Is…Heat It Up

A soothing balm for these troubled times

TikTok Treasures

Trying to start a conversation

‘50s couple

This happens way too often

Our Dog, The Mensa Candidate

In which my dog picks a fight with a sprinkler... maybe quarantine is finally getting to her too?
April 19, 2020