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Holding It Together

NOTE: Sharing a flashback post this week, with some tips that still hold up.

About a year ago, I wrote a piece about turning down the volume on social media to help reduce anger and anxiety…

A Little Bird Told Me

Dive a Little Deeper

Love in The Time of Coronavirus: Valentine’s Day on Quarantined Ship

Finding God in Pride

Trump’s Rhetoric Has Changed The Way Hundreds of Kids Are Bullied in Classrooms

Karen: The Anti-Vaxxer Soccer Mom With Speak-To-The-Manager Hair, Explained

Rush Limbaugh in His Own Words

Can’t Wait

TikTok Treasures

My English teacher was so excited (NOTE: From one of my wife’s students, this hit 2.6 million views last week 😮)

You guys literally made her so happy (And here’s the followup)

my idea of a perfect crime? I’ll show you.

Carpet Closer

Before achieving viral stardom, Sarah's real passion was floor coverings.