V-Shaped Recovery

The extensive team behind House of Kyle reminds you that the enemas take some getting used to, but in time you'll learn to look forward to them like an old friend with a cold nose.

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Farewell, Facebook

Facebook has been a problematic dumpster fire for a long, long time, and while Ive rage-deactivated my account several times in the past (then masochistically gone back for another punch in the face), Im hoping that this time the dead will stay dead. More

A Little Bird Told Me

Dive a Little Deeper

Dear Dad, Please Dont Vote For Donald Trump This Time

The Adams Principle

Im 36 and Just Learned Im Autistic

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TikTok Treasures

Honestly, there is NO privacy in this house

I regret the thing I did

EXTRA toasty

Put This In My Veins

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