😬 Increasingly Dire

The extensive team behind House of Kyle suspects that spiders would find your barn a tad breezy this time of year. In that respect, spiders are a bit like you and me.

👀 My Screened-In World

I wake up, glance at my Echo Show to check the time, then grab my phone to see what nonsense Trump has done while I was sleeping, or if there’s any other drama brewing.

After grabbing some coffee, I move to the living room to read news for a bit on my iPad, then fire up my work Mac (primarily switching between that and my phone throughout the day).

From the other rooms, I can hear my wife teaching and my kids attending their classes (all via separate Zoom calls).

In the (now) rare event that I actually leave the house, I’ll strap on my Apple Watch.

Once evening comes, it’s back to reading on the iPad, often supplemented by time on my “fun” computer (a Chromebook primarily used for writing and browsing). If I’m reading a book, it’ll be on my Kindle Paperwhite.

Finally, when it’s time to veg out, I’ll watch something on the TV (with Sarah almost always on her phone at the same time, and the boys each playing video games in their rooms).

Sleep (at least for now) remains screen-free. 🤖

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