🥰 Finally Woo Andie MacDowell

The extensive team behind House of Kyle has banged a lot of waitresses in our day, but you, you, you were the best.

🤼 Two Types of People

Originally Posted 4/25/19

I came across the following tweet the other day, commenting on the predictable GOP reaction to Elizabeth Warren’s ambitious “free college/student loan debt forgiveness” proposal… More→

🐦 A Little Bird Told Me

📰 Dive a Little Deeper

The Norwegian Philosophy of Thriving in Winter

Kissing Christian Purity Culture Goodbye

The Future Tech of Back to the Future II, Ranked

🧙‍♀️ Facing Your Fears

🙃 TikTok Treasures

She’s REALLY good

the smartest scientist I know

cut my life into pieces

☠️ Before We Had Children

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